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Study English Online with either One to One tutoring or with a group up of up to five students with a NATIVE English teacher. These include regular guidance, feedback and communication.

Study English Programs for students in on-site live classes have a maximum class size of 16 and include regular guidance, feedback and communication.

There are also dynamic and busy social programmes that enable students to practise their English at every opportunity, as well as make new friends. With a wide choice of homestay accommodation on offer, the schools have established themselves as excellent choices where high standards and locations cannot be compromised.
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Teachers are professional and qualified in delivering accredited
English Courses and Programmes to a wide range of nationalities.
The high-quality British education you'll receive will help you really understand.
Everything the teachers do is focussed on helping you to progress.
Philosophy and Services

Learning and studying English should be easy, fun and rewarding.
Study in the UK and you will have access to world-class art, music, and literature.
Plus there's a diverse range of cities, countryside, sports, history and heritage.
About Us
With a background in travel and education business we have more than 10 years experience. UK Study Club is for students and anyone interested in learning and developing English whatever their levels. Accredited schools and colleges provide access to quality, innovative English language courses. Learn from excellent native English and English speakers, chosen for their experience in teaching international students.

The UK is one of the best places in the world to study English helping students to improve their English language abilities and to be successful in pursuit of their academic, business and personal goals with qualifications that are respected all around the world. The study centres benefit from being in fashionable neighbourhoods, close to parks, delightful local shops and restaurants with easy access to cities, the countryside, sports, world-class art, music, literature and heritage.

In addition to English language schools, we have also partnered with leading colleges who have pathways to high ranking universities in England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand through foundation courses, GCSE and A level GCSE courses.
Live English Courses
Free English test!! If you want to test your English level for free, please sign up here and receive a test directly from our English school partner.

We offer English courses and live English lessons for:
✳ Young learners (12-16 years)
✳ Adults (16+)
✳ Option to include live English lessons with a highly qualified and experienced teacher of English
✳ Each lesson lasts for only 45 minutes and is supplemented by a market-leading digital application so your English can develop both inside our virtual classroom, and outside of it
✳ We will make an effort to tailor your course to suit your needs as much as possible
✳ Unlimited online access for up to 6 months
✳ Any gender
✳ Access from almost any country

✅ Suitable for:
✳ Students who want to develop English taught by British Council certified school teachers
✳ English for teachers. We have a English Platform. You can teach your students at your preferred level
✳ English for general use, whether it is using English for development, Business English, travel or communications
✳ Choose individual and group courses (groups up a maximum of 5 students)

You are never too old! We want everyone to learn English taught by an authentic English teacher certified by the British Council. Sign up now and develop your English. We offer a range of cost effective online courses which students can buy as part of their learning journey.

All course materials are modern, engaging, interactive and purpose built for online delivery and cover the following areas: Speaking, Reading, Listening, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation.

All students will be sent a placement test and needs analysis in order to build the right course for them.

All students will be given a 30-minute personal induction by Zoom to check their speaking level, inform them about the course, and answer any questions they might have before they begin.

All registered students can start studying independently on the online platform at their own pace.


English Online
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Learn from the experts

The UK has been welcoming international students for many years. It is a friendly, multicultural place and is an ideal place for international students to study. It is also one of the most exciting places in the world for innovation and original thinking. If you love to learn, and you want to become an expert in your subject, the UK is where you need to be.
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Unique  Works of Art

Technology in the classroom

Blended learning using online resources to supplement lessons gives ELearning students access to materials before their lessons, so class time can be reserved for discussion and debate.
- Meet learners from all over the world
- Make lifelong friends
- Be part of the local community
- Varied social programmes
Example of courses available:

Art and Design
Business, Finance and Management
Business, Finance and Management Foundation
Business with Law
Chemical Engineering
International Relations and Politics
Medical School Preparation
Science and Pharmacy
Science and Engineering
Pre-GCSE Programme
GCSE Pathway Programme
1 & 2 Year GCSE Programmes
English Online (From as little as 45 minutes per week)
English Study (From as little as 15 hours per week)

Average class sizes of 15 or one to one allowing for more individual attention and personanlised information. Morning & Afternoon classes available. Meet other like minded students to improve your English. We offer assistance in choosing the right programme with detailed the length of time each course should take with recommendations on the target level.

Wide choices of subjects in inspiring locations offer students great academic results or a range of cost effective online courses. Choice of English Study programmes (from 45mins per week). In addition, locations such as Bournemouth, Brighton, Cambridge, London, Oxford, Straford-Upon-Avon all make for inspiring settings for learning and development.

Courses can be bought without the need to travel! Free online demo of a lesson! The UK is one of the top destinations to study around the world. Consider your options by comparing with other offers what you will receive for your money. Many schools offer big discounts but in some cases the quality of education, service and support can be reflected in the costs.

Customise educational courses and social programmes to suit you. Courses are designed to enable you to learn on the go. Enriched activitaties to compliment studies. Universities in the UK offer an extremely wide range of courses that will give you the academic, cultural and language skills you need to succeed with highly recognised qualifications.
Study in all areas of art, design and the history of art

Develop practical skills and theoretical knowledge of art.

Sports activities for all abilities

Join various individual or team sports activities.
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Important Notice: This website acts as an agent and may earn commission. The courses offered on this site are operated by and the responsibility of the educational institutions providing these courses. Course fees are paid directly to the insitutions and the commissions we earn do not affect the fees you pay.

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